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القسم : ألعاب ومواد تعليمية التصنيف : العاب الاطفال , العاب الذكاء , العاب البناء ,

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ISBN 5010993554669
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Don't be just another brick in the wall – get creative and build your own! Help little workers ages 3 and up get busy building, constructing, and demolishing almost anything they can imagine with these Play-Doh brick and stone compounds. It's the quality non-toxic Play-Doh compound we all know and love with glittery specks mixed in to look like brick and stone! The 2 extra large cans each hold 8 ounces of compound, and each can has a stamper moulded into the lid to create brick walls and stone slabs. This 2-pack of Play-Doh cans also comes with a shovel tool for scooping and smashing the bricks and stone. Buildin' Compound also work great with any Play-Doh Wheels construction toys (sold separately). Creativity is built by imagination, and it all starts with delightfully squishy, hands-on Play-Doh Buildin' Compound!

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